Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Losing weight is hard

I wish it was easier and didn't take as long to lose weight. Gaining weight seems to happen very quickly, but getting rid of it takes forever. Even when eating the right amount of calories, it is awful to have a week where you haven't lose a single pound.
I wish there was a way to lose weight fast that actually worked where the weight stayed off and and wasn't dangerous to your health. I know that any lose weight fast plans are mainly your body losing water so you gain the weight when you stop the short diet, but it still doesn't stop me wanting a quick fix.


  1. My girlfriend found a quite simple solution. She tries not to mix different food groups (especially proteins and carbohydrates, vegetables are neutral) within a meal, avoid sweets and unhealthy fats and that is basically it. Exercise and counting calories obviously helps, but is not enough. Try googling "food combining" for more info.

    If you can stick with this, you can be sure you'll start losing weight quite soon.

    BTW, I saw you entered the Big Blog Exchange competition and gave you my vote. Feel free to return the favor... if you like mine, of course:

    Have fun and I'll keep my fingers crossed for the weight loosing project. ;)

    1. I will try not mixing different food groups too much and see if that works. Willing to try almost anything.

      Voted back :)